Completed Jobs - Tyngsboro

Tyngsborough, Ma- Painted in August of 2006, this new home located in Tyngsboro Mass was spray painted with two coats of California 2010 house paint on Hardie Siding and two coats hand brushed on the trim.
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Tyngsborough, Ma 01879- Painted in September of 2004, this historic home required significant preparation (look at before-after pics) before we could begin painting. A full prime coat of oil primer tinted to the approximate finish color was applied prior to the final coat.
Tyngsborough, Ma- Painted in September of 2006, this single family home was sprayed with one coat of California Storm Stain. California 2010 Titanium White was used on the trim. Several damaged clapboards were also replaced.
0aug 08
Residential home located in Tyngsborough Massachusetts.  Entire house was pressure washed, scraped, sanded, and primed.  Oil primer was used on cedar to prevent tannin bleed.  Entire body of house was sprayed and back rolled with two coats of Storm Stain tinted to match previous color of house.  Shutters and trim were painted with California 2010 house satin gloss house paint. Gutter on front of house was removed in order to properly paint fascia board behind it and reinstalled with proper pitch to allow water to drain on both sides.
0sept 08
Commercial building in Tyngsborough Mass.  Entire building was washed to remove dirt and other debris from side of building.  Entire building was sprayed with California fresh coat Nu-White.  Lettering on front of building was painted with Larcoloid Traffic and Safety yellow paint.  Color was later changed to Fire Engine red.  A strip of sheet metal was place just below the roof line to prevent birds from entering inside the building.
Tyngsborough, Ma 01879.  Painted in June of 2009.  This waterfront property was painted with two coats of California 2010 flat for the body tinted to Behr Aged Parchment and 2010 satin gloss for the trim tinted to Behr Gallery White and 2010 satin gloss for the shutters and awning tinted to Behr Dark Truffle.
Tyngsborough, Ma 01879.  Painted in October of 2009.  This home was given a maintenance coat of paint for the new homeowner.  The body of the house was painted with one coat of California Storm Stain tinted to BM Van Deusen Blue and the trim with 2010 Satin Gloss Titanium White.
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